About Us

KM Kinley Marketing is the South East Asia direct sales of marine and offshore equipment in Singapore. We are leader in Water and Pneumatic Driven Gas freeing Fans, Surface Preparation equipement, Tank Cleaning equipments , Pneumatic Hi-speed Mucking Winches , Turbo Ventilation for Confined and Hazardous environment.

Product Services: ATEX - EX Safely LED lights- Portable/ Temporary/Floodlight/Air driven, ATEX Hazardous location Venitlation, ATEX cold Cutting equipment. ATEX GAS Freeing Fans, ATEX Pneumatic Ventilators, Marine Protection Tapes, Oil Spill control kit, and Petrochemical and Refineries Ventilations entry system package.

We are headquartered in Singapore and our 40,000 sq ft area are organised in areas such as Assembly of machine, Engineering and High pressure hydro testing faclitices is located in Tuas Techpark.


Creating a World Leading Product range and Built to Last Products in Singapore.

Research and Development- Leading 3D Industrial design and Engineering system with strong emphasis is innovation and technology to conceptialise in new product development and setting a new standard in the new market. Creating a new frontier for the company with the future with 3D Design and development.
We are dedicated to provide the highest quality equipment engineered for maximum safety and performance and in most challenging environment anywhere.

Our Products are distributed through worldwide distributors and agents. New enquiries for distribution/ agent are welcome. In addition, we are the South East Asia Distribution centre for the following professional brand in Singapore;

  • Ramfan (Euramcosafety Inc)
  • Texas Pneumatics, Inc
  • Innovative Manufacturing - Marine corrosion prevention tapes system
  • Cengar - Atex Professional Air Saw
  • Raytec- EX Light
  • CableSafe
  • KEEEN - Environment control Solution
  • ALTLED - EX Floodlight

ISO 9000 Standards- We are ISO9001:2008 Certified

ISO 9000 is the internationally recognized qualtiy management standard for business to business dealings and our commitment to acheive this standard means our products are built in accordance with documentation process and quality control process to ensure ongoing uniformity and reliabliity. Meeting this standard ensure KM Kinley Marketing fulfills the customer's quality requirement and application usage while enhancing and maintaining customer satisfaction and continual improvement of our product perfomances.